Out of the Dye Pot this week

Just out of the dye pots this week inspired while raking fallen oak leaves..............

From plants in our fields or dye/bee garden:

Copper on the left and gold on the right are were dyed with goldenrod leaves and stems. The one on the right was overdyed with amaranth leaves, the one on the left was overdyed with zinnia flowers and copper liquor made from copper pipe. The olive in the center was dyed with black eyed susans and zinnia flower.

Out of the synthetic dye bath is this self striping yarn:

Pumpkin and spring green, the two balls have been dyed together to provide matching color transitions for knitting slippers. All of the fiber for the yarn comes from animals we have raised and sheared and who live out their lives on our small farm in Maine. Eolian Farm SheepscotFiber on Etsy

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