Weaving my way through the day

Every evening I think I have my next day planned. The next morning usually starts out with my plan but my intentions rarely evolve. This frustrates me, makes me think I am not accomplishing anything. However, I think I may learn something from my weaving. There is great beauty in a pattern, I appreciate the consistency. But you can also change that pattern in so many ways with the structure of the weaving and color options. So now I am trying to weave my way through every day with those options.

The other thing weaving is good at teaching you is appreciating all the parts of the process. There are so many steps to accomplish before you can weave that each step must become a project by itself. Rather than yearning for the ‘sit down and weave’ part I am learning to appreciate each step that comes before weaving as a delight. When I fully immerse myself in each of these, I feel like I have accomplished something that day.

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