Texsolv Heddles

Big step for me, I have upgraded from a rigid heddle to a tabletop loom. Or should I say I have added a loom as both are being put to good use.

Putting my Ashford four-shaft loom together helped me learn about all the little parts and how they relate and interact. One of those parts are the Texsolv heddles and cords.

Texsolv Systems is located in Sweden and the solv in Swedish means heddle, makes perfect sense! They make the cords and the heddles from polyester giving it a strong and resistant structure. Since these are crocheted together there are no knots that will rub against the yarn. They are flexible, this also puts less wear and tear on the yarn. Some folks prefer the Texsolv heddles because they are quiet and lightweight. The Texsolv cords that attach to the heddles make adjusting the shaft height quick and easy. The only downside that I have found is the Texsolv heddles do not move along the metal shaft frame as easily as the metal ones seem to move. I also found that melting the ends of the cord is a good idea if any tension is close to the end of the cord, this helps prevent the end from unraveling.

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