Which one is longer?

Two balls of yarn to weave a scarf.

Since the brown is in the warp and the weft it needs to be longer, is it?

Scarf woven on a rigid heddle loom.

Some information on the yarn:

  • Blue is two ply and brown is three ply

  • Both weigh 3.5 ounces, not to be confused with yarn weight.

  • The yarn weight is the thickness. The yarn weight of the blue is worsted aran. The yarn weight of the brown is worsted DK. (See the chart below.)

A lighter weight yarn is going to look smaller and may have more plies, but will go a lot further than the bulkier yarn. Here is another chart that may be helpful for calculating how much yarn you will need for a given project.

There are quite a few yardage calculators and apps for weaving, knitting and crocheting that make it easy for you.









So, how much was in each ball? Take a look at the labels to find out.

Scarf yarn

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